Moving the Chain Spotlight #8: Dennis Rodman

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Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency


Dennis RodmanTrenton, New Jersey’s Dennis Rodman was an outstanding defensive player during his tenure in the NBA. The basketball star, who spent the majority of his career with the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls, was known as much for his tattooed physique and dyed hair, as he was for his play on the court.

The former All-Star made headlines recently when he announced his affiliation with the cryptocurrency PotCoin. PotCoin launched back in 2014 and was created in order to help provide the legal cannabis industry with a secure way to send and receive payments.

Dennis Rodman PotCoin

Dennis Rodman on his North Korea trip, sponsored by PotCoin

PotCoin sponsored Rodman’s recent trip to North Korea to meet with the country’s controversial leader Kim Jong Un. Rodman didn’t provide any details regarding what he discussed with Un, though there has been speculation that he was carrying a message from US President Donald Trump. Rodman has been an advocate for peaceful relations between the United States and North Korea and implied that it was one of the reasons for his visit.

One could reasonably argue that the trip was more of a publicity stunt than a genuine attempt to make the world a more peaceful place for all humanity. However, one thing is certain, for better or worse, Rodman and PotCoin helped shine a spotlight on cryptocurrency.


“The folks at PotCoin … realized the importance of this trip and made it all possible for me.”

Fun Fact

Besides being an accomplished basketball player, Rodman has also dabbled in professional wrestling. In the late 90s he was apart of the famed wrestling stable known as the New World Order of N.W.O. He even wrestled the legendary “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

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