Moving the Chain Spotlight #1: Sandra Ro

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Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency


Sandra Ro is a derivatives industry executive, crypto investor, and entrepreneur who focuses on using blockchain tech to help enable financial access for all. In 2004, she received a MBA in Finance from London Business School. Ro has worked for banking giants, such as Deutsche Bank, and she was previously a vice president at Morgan Stanley. The native of New York is also known for her work with CME Group, which happens to be the world’s largest derivatives exchange.

The London Business School grad has been following the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation for years now. She is an outspoken Bitcoin advocate who has given numerous speeches on the subject of cryptocurrency and its potential impact on our future. If you would like hear one of her speeches first hand, check out Financial Services Disruption: the Rise of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Having someone with Sandra Ro’s credentials shine a positive light on cryptocurrency is a big win for the blockchain community as a whole.

Sandra Ro via: Marketswiki


On discovering Bitcoin – 

“I was immediately taken by the revolutionary potential of a global payments network based on a completely decentralized, peer-to- peer, open source protocol. For me, that represented a way to move money or value, faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than the mediums that are available today.”

Fun Fact

Besides having a MBA in finance, Ro also earned a double BA at Yale University, with a focus on the proliferation of chemical and biological weaponry in the 20th Century. One would have to think that studying cryptocurrency is a bit more uplifting than reading about chemical warfare.

Stay tuned for more Spotlights in our Moving the Chain series, where we hope to shed light on some helpful proponents in the blockchain world who are helping impact the growth and adoption of this incredible technology!