First Blood: Blockchain Token – What is it?

In this series, we will cover the different types of blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies on the market right now.  We’ll give you a quick description of each blockchain/token, its function, who is their competition and where you can learn more. Episode 20 is about First Blood!

First Blood (1ST) is a global, decentralized eSports platform that allows gamers to play in matches on the platform using an built in ERC20 token, 1ST. The players can also gain rewards from their activity and challenges on the platform; this reward is in the form of a digital token. First Blood’s purpose is intended to decentralized gaming networks, while allowing a more enjoyable experience for players and a greater ability to gain and prove reputations. Read more about First Blood here, and check out the resources and information to start digging deeper into First Blood!

What the FAQ is the difference between blockchain & cryptocurrency?

Part of the confusion around what is blockchain versus what is cryptocurrency is due in part to the terms that have come into use. Instead of being introduced by formal definition, the term blockchain developed from “chain of blocks.” Cryptocurrency is a sort-of portmanteau of “cryptographic currency.” But the fundamental difference between these concepts has to do with how distributed ledger technology is used. Our video gives you the run down! For more information on how these two go together, check out our guide page, where you can read up more on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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Aragon: Blockchain Token – What is it?

In Blockchain Token – What is it?, we cover the different types of blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies on the market right now. Today we are going over the Aragon project!

Aragon is a network intended to be a Digital Autonomous Organization that aims to eliminate unnecessary third parties and intermediaries to allow organizations, investors, and entrepreneurs to operate more easily, openly, and efficiently. All this while still retaining or creating value within their businesses.

Check out our page for Aragon if you’d like more resources to check out about the project and different social media networks too!

Moving the Chain Spotlight #4: Stephen Tual

Moving the Chain Spotlight #4: Stephen Tual

Image via: Flickr

Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


London’s Stephen Tual is a blockchain expert who is best known for being the Chief Operating Officer (CCO) for the Ethereum project. The project helped to create Ethereum, which is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts on custom built blockchains. The second most popular cryptocurrency, also called Ethereum, was spawned from the project.

Melonport: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Melon is a Greek word for ‘future,’ and Melonport is the company building the Melon protocol for digital asset management. With this you can use customizable strategies to manage your digital assets (these can be traditional assets too, backed by a digital token form). Although currently using Ethereum, Melon has built their system with a modular set-up which will enable added functionalities and interoperability with other chains in the future. Check out our resource page on Melon here!

What the FAQ is a blockchain?

Heard of blockchain, but don’t know what it is? Blockchain technology is one of the hottest things going on in tech right now. Don’t get left behind! Watch Jeremy break down everything blockchain, including the problems the technology hopes to solves and how it will impact everyone’s daily lives! In this video, Jeremy goes over how blockchain technology was created, its potential, and how it can be implemented in an effective manner. Use cases involving blockchain technology are also explored. Check back for more videos on blockchain technology!

Check out our in-depth explanation of blockchains with our “WTF is a blockchain?!” guide here, where you can find more information on what blockchain technology is! We also suggest checking out our “What is Decentralization?” guide and our “WTF is Cryptocurrency?” guide if you want to learn more about these technologies!

ICO or NO? Episode 18 Raiden

The Raiden project is an off-chain payment channel that looks to solve one of blockchain technology’s biggest problems: scalability. Raiden will allow quick, seamless transactions between ERC-20 tokens, all the while avoiding backlogs and increased fees. If blockchain technology is going to grow, projects like Raiden are going to have to find a way to make existing networks meet the increased demand of a growing user base. Watch Jeremy break down how the Raiden ICO project.

Dogecoin: Blockchain Token – What is it?

In epsiode 17, we are going over Dogecoin! Dogecoin is a playful online community, initiated in satire over a popular dog meme in December of 2013. Dogecoin’s intention is to make transferring money and buying goods and services easy, by using an instant digital currency online, as well as to reach a broader community – through branding – than the major digital currency, bitcoin.

Read more about Dogecoin & get some more informational resources and links by visiting our resources page!

What the FAQ is Decentralization?

The Internet is a centralized mess! Is decentralization the answer? Decentralization describes the design of a network that isn’t managed by a central party. Instead, peer-to-peer interaction drives the network, as no third party is needed! Jeremy explains how decentralization impacts you, and how it could revolutionize the Internet as we know it!

Check out our “What is Decentralization?” guide on our website to read more!

Moving the Chain Spotlight #3: Vinay Gupta

Moving the Chain Spotlight #3: Vinay Gupta

Image via: Flickr

Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


There are many who see blockchains and cryptocurrency as simply a way to make a quick buck. However, futurist, shelter builder, and blockchain enthusiast, Vinay Gupta, sees these new technologies as a way to make our world a better place for the entire human race. Gupta is best known for creating the hexayurt, which is relatively inexpensive, easy to build, housing structure. If mass produced, the hexayurt could potentially end homelessness on Earth.

Gupta is also a captivating speaker who shares his Utopian vision of how blockchain technology can help create a global democracy on the Internet, with those who attend his lectures. Moreover, he also believes that cryptocurrency, along with the hexayurt, could serve as catalysts to empower those in refugee camps and perhaps even, one day, end global poverty.

Vinay Gupta’s humanitarian vision serves as a powerful reminder of how blockchain technology was the potential to reshape the world we live.