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Curious about which hardware wallet is right for you? Check out our review and demo of the Digital BitBox. The Digital Bitbox is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies wallets on the market today. Encompassing the Swiss ideals of privacy and security, the Digital Bitbox goes to great length to provide its users piece of mind. With an inconspicuous design and an easy to use native software client makes the Digital Bitbox an attractive purchase.

Watch Jeremy go over the features of the device, as well as a demonstration on how to use it! If you want to know more about the wallet and it’s features, continue reading below!

The Device

Made by Shift Devices out of Switzerland, the Digital Bitbox hardware wallet is a cold-storage solution that uses Second Factor Authentication and has full user control of private keys to provide you one of the most secure cryptocurrency wallets. Instead of a paper back-up phrase, the device has a port for a micro SD card which serves as a backup mechanism.

Digital Bitbox

Multiple views of the Digital Bitbox hardware wallet (From

The Digital Bitbox closely resembles a normal thumb drive providing an inconspicuous wallet that most people wouldn’t even look twice at, even though it could be holding a large amount of cryptocurrency! Additionally, the device is resistant to physical extraction of the onboard data, providing durability along with piece of mind. Private keys are kept on a high-security chip that prevents physical extraction (with a 50 year lifespan, according to their site). The device’s design creates a higher level of portability. The extremely durable case is filled with epoxy, making physical extraction of the device near impossible.


digital bitbox

Three ways to create or load a wallet (From

The Digital Bitbox’s software and firmware are both open source. Shift offers downloads for iOS and Windows, so device compatibility issues are limited.

Upon plugging the Bitbox into your USB, the software will automatically pop up, prompting you to enter your password. The software is simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate, making it one of the easier cryptocurrency wallets to use.

One downside of the Digital Bitbox is that its software only supports bitcoin, which makes it difficult to move around your altcoins. However, the hardware does provide altcoin support, so it can store your altcoins, yet you can’t send funds through the software at this time.

Backup and Security

Unlike traditonal seed phrases or paper wallets, the Digital Bitbox uses a micro SD card to back up your wallet, providing physical storage in case of a needed recovery. For additional security, this can all be done offline. The Native Software Client also operates offline, providing you additional piece of mind that your private keys are safe.

The hardware wallet also incorporates a feature known as “plausible deniability.” If you are being forced to open your wallet, you can intentionally enter a wrong password. Instead of rejecting the password, the device creates a new, empty wallet, creating the illusion your wallet is not holding any crypto.

digital bitbox

The settings tab of the Digital Bitbox interface, where you can manage your wallet. (From


The device’s software offers a Second Factor Authentication (2FA), which requires you to enter a code or password that is sent to your phone or email. If you are extra concerned with privacy, the software is compatible with both Tor and Tails OS, allowing you a greater level of anonymity if desired.


digital bitbox logoIntrigued by the Digital Bitbox and want to purchase one? You have a couple of options. The first is buying from the Digital Bitbox’s website :

They offer the Digital Bitbox for a total of 79 EUR (includes shipping). If you happen to live in Switzerland, without shipping the device is normally 54 EUR.

There are sanctioned resellers who sell the device in the United States, UK, Denmark, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Slovenia. For a complete list of resellers check out

If you need to learn more about wallet types and purposes, visit our wallet page, or our more specific software and hardware pages to see which one will work best for you!

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