Incorrect Presumptions – A Case For A Female Satoshi?

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Is He a She?

Could the very reason that we have had so much difficulty tracking down a man named Satoshi Nakamoto be that the mysterious cryptocurrency creator isn’t a “man” at all?

Is it possible that bitcoin, a currency whose community is overwhelmingly made up of men, was actually created by a woman?

Runchey’s mysterious background

Figure 72: A Sample Record using the Model of Everything system. (From Margaret Runchey’s patent)

In 2007, a female by the name Margaret Runchey patented what is known as the Model of Everything.

Much like Bitcoin, Raunchy’s model features a chain of ownership (blockchain) “which allows for assets, smart contracts, and miners to secure the network to all play their role in the Model of Everything.” In fact, devices which sound an awful lot like offline wallets are even mentioned as a part of the concept.

As anyone who is familiar with Bitcoin and blockchain technology can see, there are definitely some similarities between the famed cryptocurrency and the Model of Everything. This makes Margaret Runchey a person on interest as we attempt to uncover Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity.

However, unlike the other possible suspects that we have seen in previous installments, there is virtually no information available about Runchey outside of her patents.

At present, her background, whereabouts, and involvement with blockchain technology remain a mystery.

Will we ever know if it was her?

She was first mentioned as being a candidate for the Nakamoto pseudonym in a Medium blog by a web developer named Aaron Alan Alexander. Unfortunately, since that time, Alexander has deleted the original blog post, thus leaving only a handful of articles from early 2016 as the primary sources which discuss Margaret Runchey.

In truth, we have almost as little information on Margaret Runchey as we do on Satoshi Nakamoto.

Whoever she is (or was), based on the information in the patent, it would appear safe to speculate that she is someone who is very tech savvy and probably has a background in computer science or a related field of study. However, as with many things Nakamoto-related, information regarding her background is all speculation at this point.

Are the similarities between Runchey’s model and Bitcoin simply a coincidence? Or should we have been trying to find Margaret Runchey instead of Satoshi Nakamoto all along?


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