Blockchain & You – Joe Onystok Ep. 002


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In episode 2, we interview Joe Onystok for our “Blockchain and You” series. We ask his past, present, and future takes on blockchain, cryptocurrenies and their impact on his life.

Joe is our talented head photographer and videographer at Blockchain WTF! His photographs and images are found throughout our site and in our videos, so keep an eye out, and if you see an awesome picture, it is most likely from Joe! He is also the hilarious creator of all our memes, and he’s written a couple articles as well. Check them out here! And check out our videos in our various series too so you can check out some of his awesome photography and videography skills!

How and when did you first hear about blockchain technology?

I first heard about blockchain technology when talking to my friend Jordan (our office manager), who really opened my eyes at the potential of what blockchain could be and become.

Who are you and what is your role in Blockchain WTF?

My name is Joe Onystok, and I am the photographer and videographer for Blockchain WTF.

Once you had a grasp on the technology, what impact did you see it having?

Once I understood blockchain technology, the impact I foresaw was restoring financial power to us as individuals.

What influence do you think cryptocurrencies will have?

I believe that cryptocurrencies will create a strong impact on the economic market today.

When were you intrigued, and when were you sold?

I was intrigued when I saw cryptocurrencies developing their own market, and I was sold when I saw the potential money being made from it.

What’s your prediction for the future of blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies?

I predict that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are just the next evolutionary state of developing a globalized market.

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