Blockchain & You – Jacques Martin Ep. 001

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We interview Jacques Martin for our “Blockchain and You” series. We ask him about his past, present, and future takes on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and how they are or can impact his life.

Jacques writes a lot of articles for our site, and some are quite fun! Check out the Finding Satoshi Nakamoto series he wrote, or his comical Wonder Woman vs. Batman story! All of his work can be found here, and he definitely gets interesting with possibilities of blockchain applications!

How and when did you first hear about blockchain technology?

Okay, so it was actually probably about three to four years ago, and it was actually from Taylor, of Blockchain WTF. Basically what happened, we were all sort of sitting around the table at a bar, and just having that typical conversation about what we all do for a living.

At the time I was actually working in insurance which obviously isn’t the best conversation starter. I think the other guy was doing advertising or some type of marketing. We get over Taylor, and Taylor is like well I mine bitcoin. Mind you, this is probably like four years ago; so we all kind of look like, “Well, what exactly is Bitcoin?” So then he kind of went on and explained it to his for a few minutes.

It was actually very interesting, you know, but of course we were all a little bit skeptical. It’s like you know is this a guy trying to harvest Monopoly money?! Like what exactly is going on here? But it definitely sparked an interest and from there I kind of — I wouldn’t say followed it — but I kind of kept track on the Internet. I sort of followed the price movements, and then I sort of noticed, wow… I mean it’s it’s really have some legs you can see going up and up and value. You could also start to see people talking about it at work and things like that. So I think that was the first time that I was really introduced to it.

Who are you and what is your role in Blockchain WTF?

Hi, my name is Jacques Martin. I’m actually a freelance writer and contributor for the website!

Once you had a grasp on the technology, what impact did you see it having?

Well, I know there’s a lot of instability in various markets throughout the globe, and I think blockchain and cryptocurrencies as well could offer an alternative, off-setting some of those concerns.

What influence do you think cryptocurrencies will have?

There’s a lot of factors that play into that. I think it’s gonna ultimately come through the mainstream. but I think it so has a long way to go. I think it kind of needs its “Windows moment.” I think it needs a technology that can bridge the gap for the people who aren’t as tech savvy and ultimately make it mainstream. I think once we start to go there, like when you go up to your barbecue, you go visit your family in the Midwest or wherever you might live, and here your 50 year old aunt and uncle are starting to talk about blockchain, I think that’s when you’ll know that you’ve really made it.

When were you intrigued, and when were you sold?

I was intrigued probably when I first heard about it. I wasn’t necessarily sold, but like I said when I had the first encounter with Taylor, when I really became intrigued is when I actually did the article for LinkedIn. I was curious to learn more, and I figured I was gonna do the research so I might as well, at least, create some content out of it. I really started to learn a lot about the technology, and I really think it could be something as far as the decentralization aspect and a lot of the alternative and probably solves — as far as monetary concerns — I guess it’s a viable alternative at that point.

What’s your prediction for the future of blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies?

I think it’s actually going to become almost like a spendable stock. I think basically what we’re gonna see is future generations and maybe even, to some extent, people in our own generation having cryptocurrency as part of their stock retirement portfolios. I think you’re gonna see portfolios and have stock like McDonald’s, Walmart, various other types of stocks along with Dash, Ethereum, and whatever other cryptocurrencies you might see. I think that’s the kind of direction it’s headed; at least that’s where I see it going.

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