Litecoin: Blockchain Token – What is it?

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Litecoin is one of the first few blockchains to build off of Bitcoin, the original blockchain. So it is functional as a token, blockchain, or both? Our fourth episode in Blockchain Token features Litecoin, and our man Joe, explains Litecoin, it’s functionality, competition, and provides some helpful resources!

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Once Bitcoin started gaining popularity, it became apparent that its success would also present a problem. Increased use on the network would clog up transaction speeds and future scaling became an issue.

Charlie Lee (a former Google employee) created Litecoin in October of 2011, by forking the Bitcoin core client.

Litecoin is almost identical to Bitcoin, but Litecoin identified these issues with Bitcoin and aimed to solve them with faster block times through partial confirmation.

In order to attract miners, the total supply of Litecoin tokens (LTC) is about 4 times as many as Bitcoin has issued. The main differences between BTC and LTC include:

  1. decreased block time,
  2. increased max number of coins,
  3. different hashing algorithms,
  4. modified user interface.

Litecoin is itself, its own blockchain network and cryptocurrency too. Built upon it’s own network, the function of Litecoin is to be it’s own digital currency.

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