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ICO or NO Gimli ICO

ICO or NO? Episode 10 Gimli


In this episode of ICO or No, Jeremy covers Gimli. Gimli hopes to bring video game streaming to the blockchain, with a platform that allows streamers to create and facilitate wagers. Will this project be the next big thing in streaming and e-sports? Or will it be game over for Gimli?

ICO or NO China bans ICOs

No ICO’s! Ep. 009 China Bans All ICO’s


China BANS all ICOs! Watch as Jeremy breaks down how China came to this decision and how it will effect ICOs and cryptocurrency going forward. Will this decision be the first of many attempts by government to limit token sales?

Finding Satoshi

Incorrect Presumptions – A Case For A Female Satoshi?


Could the famed Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, be a woman? The blockchain community is historically male-dominant, but Margaret Runchy seems to be a worthy candidate for the creation of Bitcoin; her Model of Everything is very similar, indeed. Explore the mystery here in the last installment of Finding Satoshi Nakamoto!

Ask an Expert What is proof of stake

What is Proof-of-Stake (PoS)?


Are you confused about Proof-of-Stake, and how it is different from Proof-of-Work? This post explains it all! Proof-of-Work uses a calculations system. By contrast, Proof-of-Stake has to do with ensuring that the miner/validator has a staked some value to back the block. To understand more, read this Ask an Expert!