Monthly Archives: September, 2017

Blockchain and You ray monge jr

Blockchain & You – Ray Monge Jr. Ep. 003


In episode 3, we interview Ray Monge Jr. for our “Blockchain and You” series. Ray is a friend of our employees’ and apart of the crypto and blockchain community. Listen to his opinions and ideas about blockchain technologies & cryptocurrencies!

Blockchain and You joe onystok

Blockchain & You – Joe Onystok Ep. 002


In episode 2, we interview Joe Onystok for our “Blockchain and You” series. Joe is our head photographer and videographer for our website. We ask his past, present, and future takes on blockchain, cryptocurrenies and their impact on his life.

Blockchain Radio blockchain news

Blockchain Radio August 2017


Blockchain Radio highlights blockchain & cryptocurrency news stories, accompanied by inspirational music and visuals. August 2017 is set to the beautiful backdrop of Chicago, IL, USA’s skyscrapers and decorative architecture in downtown.

ICO or NO Unikrn ICO

ICO or NO? Episode 12 Unikrn


Unikrn ICO is one of the most hyped tokens sales to date! In this video, Jeremy goes over what the project is and what is driving the excitement behind the Unikrn project. He also points out some pretty noteworthy names that have already invested in the project!

Blockchain and You Jacques Martin

Blockchain & You – Jacques Martin Ep. 001


We interview Jacques Martin for our “Blockchain and You” series. We ask him about his past, present, and future takes on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and how they are or can impact his life.

Jacques writes a lot of articles for our site, and some are quite fun! Check them out after you watch his interview!