Jaxx Software Wallet Demo

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jaxx logoBy the end of this video, you’ll know what Jaxx wallet is, its features, how to get it and how to set up your own wallet! See below for our written overview of it’s features and compatibilities that matches what is covered in our video demo.

Overview of features

What is the Jaxx Wallet?  Jaxx wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that you can use through a browser, a mobile phone, or your desktop.

What type of wallet is it? Jaxx wallet is a software wallet. It is a hot wallet, and can be used on a mobile device, desktop, or internet browser.

Where do I obtain a wallet? You can obtain a wallet directly -from https://jaxx.io/ (desktop and web wallet version- or from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (mobile). (See below for a list of desktop devices and web wallet browsers that you can use Jaxx on)

Shapeshift exchange logo

How do I transfer currencies? With Jaxx wallet, you can transfer currencies using a digital exchange called Shapeshift. You can also use QR codes for sending/receiving tokens. (See below for a list of currencies that Jaxx is compatible with)

What are the security features? A 12 word passphrase/Nmemonic phrase

How do set up the infrastructure? Watch our video walk through demonstration, from step one download, to security setup, to launching your wallet.

How does the Jaxx Wallet work? It operates as a lite client node. (see our blockchain glossary and software wallets overview page if you do not know what this means)

What are the weak points? There are occasionally slightly delayed updates. A solution is to clear your cache as often as possible.

Why choose Jaxx Wallet over competitors? (Via Coinomi)

  • Currency Conversion
  • Compatibility
  • Displays your Private Key
  • Controlled transaction speed
  • Easy UI


What devices is Jaxx compatible with?

  • Desktop & Web: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Chrome App Extension

What are the compatible currencies?

To read more about wallets (software, hardware, or general), check out the links to those pages. If you liked the idea of Jaxx, here is there website!

We hope this review helped demonstrate the process of setting up a wallet on Jaxx and assists you in your inquisition of cryptocurrencies! Let us know what you think, or any questions you still have in the comments below our YouTube video or on Facebook or Twitter!

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