Tales of a Trader: Part 5 (The Final Tale)

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2017: The year my blockchain involvement begins to change

Trading was going well, I was winning some battles and losing some others. I got scammed once and locked away some coins that I cannot touch. It was a hell of a ride. I had turned my initial investment into a nice chunk of crypto change. Now I wanted to do something with it! I wanted to take this “magic internet money” and turn into into something tangible in the real world.

I came across JM Bullion, a precious metal dealer who accepted, wait for it, BITCOIN!!! So I thought to myself, “Why not get some gold?” Purchasing gold with cryptocurrency was a mindf*** to me: taking one of the oldest forms of currency and exchanging it for something NO country (at this time) officially recognized it as a currency! I told myself, if I went through with this, it would be my take away if crypto went away the next day, to at least say I took something physical away from my experience.

At the same time at work, T had expressed interest in pivoting. Transitioning from consulting to more of the educational and informational side of things. He had previously purchased a domain (shout out to blockchain.wtf!) that was as unique as they come. He wanted to do something with it. So we brainstormed for a couple weeks, slowly churning out ideas. Some were good… some were NOT so good, but that is just part of the process, taking the good with the bad. But by the end of February, we had come up with a concept: to build a brand and website that was all things blockchain. I liked the idea because I was able to create, oversee, and apply my knowledge of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. I was looking forward to this new challenge.

The start of Blockchain WTF

Uni! The Blockchain WTF Magical Unicorn

I ended up pulling together a few friends. I asked them if they were interested in working on blockchain stuff with me, while getting paid to do their craft. After explaining blockchain to them, and telling them the vision T and I had come up with, as well as the cryptocurrencies and the financial possibilities for the technology; they really took to the idea.

So T and I, along with four others, started this journey on creating a one-stop-shop for blockchain: Blockchain WTF. We set goals to take dense, complex information and make it light, enjoyable, and educational without being excruciating. It was going to be challenging, but we had an expert in T, a content creator/talent, a videographer, a photographer, and an editor along with me as the glue. We submerged ourselves in blockchain, watching videos, reading subreddits and articles, recording, voicing over and on and on. It was tedious task but we were in it together. (Meet our team here! The links on their roles will take you to their work and articles!)

A personal realization about my blockchain involvement

While combing through tons of information and setting up the site, I realized something. As I taught blockchain to the new crew, the research was making me a better trader! I learned how to tell the signs of a great project and a not-so-good project (read: scam), how to evaluate a company based on their goals, transparency, team members, and if their dApp will create new problems.

By learning how the mechanisms of how blockchains worked, I could tell which companies were shooting for realistic problems to solve or if the project was simply a money grab.

Now that the trading growing pains were starting to fade, the new insights definitely helped propel me into the next level of trading. This is when I came to the conclusion that it’s not actually about trading.

I concluded it is about finding a solid blockchain platform, a few potential disruptors and hodling a nice amount of coins. So in a nutshell, I believe I went from a hodler, to a trader, back to a hodler who buys on dips.

I’m going to continue on this cyrptocurrency and blockchain journey, furthering my knowledge and contributing to the space. Since I started writing this series of articles, our team has grown from three to six, and I earned a certificate making me a Certified Bitcoin Professional. If this truly is the digital wild wild west, then I already have my donkey, and I am going to continue to up this blockchain mountain. And you can bet that I want to claim my piece on the side of this mountain.

Keep an eye out on what I have going on by checking out Blockchain.WTF. If you liked my story and want to know more or have any questions, go to our CONTACT US page. Leave your comment/question and your email address. Or you can also reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter! Thank you for following this story.

***This is NOT meant to be financial advice, Just my story***

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