ICO or NO? Ep. 4 Monkey Capital

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In Episode 4 of ICO or NO, Jeremy discusses Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is a company aiming to be a blockchain-based hedge fund looking to disrupt the financial industry.

What is Monkey Capital & what problem does it hope to solve?

Monkey Capital is your standard hedge fund, just a group of companies or individuals that band their money together and make decisions together to invest in other projects in order to reap returns in the future.

For this reason Monkey Capital is a valued CoEval, a group of hedge funds that sold off minority stake in their own companies in order to form a new hedge fund. As a result, these hedge funds have already created a token called a CoEval token, which is currently trading on the Waves platform for about half a Bitcoin, at press time.

Monkey Capital has already determined how they plan to pay out their dividends. 50 percent of returns will go to the hedge fund, while the other 50 percent will be distributed among token holders.

However, it’s important to note that the token holders will be paid out in the CoEval token, which is interesting because that already has some scarcity. So the only ways that Monkey Capital can make this happen is by buying the coeval token on an open market; thus propping up the value long term.

What are the market conditions facing Monkey Capital?

There’s definitely room for a blockchain-based hedge fund. However, Monkey Capital is making a move to be the blockchain-based hedge fund. The viability of a project like this largely rests on the shoulders of the investors behind it. Because these investors are already established, they have already received some mainstream attention.

Who is behind the project?

Monkey Capital is headed by two prominent investors — one in Singapore, and one in the United States — who’ve already had success in the hedge fund space.

It’s important to note that there is no traditional management structure in Monkey Capital. Instead of a few individuals at the top making investment decisions, token holders along with the hedge fund behind the project, who also hold tokens, will make decisions.

The project’s Slack channel is very active, as is their other forms of social media. So if you want to learn more about the project, be sure to head over in that direction.

What are the details of the Monkey Capital ICO?

The ICO will take place on August 8th, 2017 through September 9th, 2017; or until they hit 1 billion Monkey Tokens (MNY). It will be on the Waves platform.

The ICO will accept bitcoin, ripple, waves, or ether.

Another interesting wrinkle to the ICO is that holders of the CoEval tokens will automatically receive 10,000 MNY on September 9th.

The stated purpose of the ICO is to raise more capital so Monkey Capital can go out and make disruptions in the financial industry.

If you heard about the Monkey Capital mishap, they caused some chaos, and if you didn’t check out what happened here.

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