The Enigma of Satoshi

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Introducing The Mystery

We live in an era where the answer to virtually any question one could conceivably ask can be answered
with a few simple keystrokes. Technology has helped to create a world where privacy is dead, and
access to information is seemingly limitless.

However, even in an age where information flows like lava, there are still some mysteries that remain. One such mystery is the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who created Bitcoin and the first blockchain database.

Nakamoto claims to be a man living in Japan whose date of birth is April 5, 1975. However, some researchers believe Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym which combines some of the world’s leading tech companies. If one takes the first few letters in Samsung, Toshiba, Nakayama, and Motorola it would spell Satoshi Nakamoto.

Moreover, Nakamoto generally uses an English dialect in his forum posts. He has also used of both American and British formatting in his written work, which suggests he may be more than one person. Furthermore, the fact that his code submission time frames best coincide with Eastern Standard Time has lead to speculation that he might be an American.

If Nakamoto is truly a pseudonym, then it begs the question, who is the person (or people) that created
the world’s leading form of cryptocurrency? Of course, the next question would likely be, why should
anyone care?

The second question is a bit easier to answer than the first. Nakamoto is believed to own somewhere around one million bitcoins, which as of June 2017 was worth in the neighborhood of 2.7 billion US dollars. If he woke up one morning and decided to sell his entire bitcoin collection, the cryptocurrency’s value would immediately plummet.

Having access to Nakamoto’s (or the people behind the name) thoughts on the cryptocurrency he created could offer piece of mind to bitcoin holders, which in turn would likely add to its overall stability.

In this series we will take a look at some of the leading candidates who may be behind the mysterious

Join us next time for Finding Sastoshi Nakamoto: Part 2 – The Cypherpunk.