Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 5

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 5

Bit Gold

If Las Vegas ever decided to create betting lines for all the folks who might be Satoshi Nakamoto, American computer scientist Nick Szabo would likely be among the favorites.

Szabo, who has been described as a large bearded man with a bald pate encircled with salt-and-pepper hair, could very well be the man behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym.

ICO or NO? Episode 8 Maecenas

Who has the hottest ICO? In this episode of ICO or NO, Jeremy talks about Maecenas, starting September 7th. Jeremy goes over how Maecenas plans to challenge the existing art dealers by using the blockchain to provide access to fine art!

Let us know what your take on Maecenas — is it a worthy project or not? Tell us in the comments.

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Which Superhero Would Benefit More From Utilizing Blockchain Technology?

Which Superhero Would Benefit More From Utilizing Blockchain Technology?

Wonder Woman VS. Batman

Our first contestant is none other than Gotham City’s very own Batman. As a boy, millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne witnessed the horrific murder of his parents and as a result dedicated his life to fighting crime in a tailor made bat costume, to conceal his true identity. Unlike other heroes, Batman doesn’t have any superpowers. Instead, he relies on martial arts training, his detective skills, and an arsenal of gadgets to defeat evil doers.

In the other corner, we have Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta who is better known as the superhero Wonder Woman. When she isn’t busy fighting crime, Wonder Woman uses her secret identity Diane Prince who is a former Army nurse turned military intelligence officer. Along with her superhuman strength and speed, the Amazon Princess uses her Lasso of Truth and indestructible tiaras to battle the likes of Cheetah and Aries.

Now that we have introduced our two heroes, it’s time to determine which one would stand to benefit more from the use of blockchain technology. Let’s take a look at three crucial categories and see who definitely needs a Ledger Nano S in their arsenal.

Ask an Expert: How do I keep my cryptocurrency secure?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining in popularity and is leading everyone to ask the same question: How can I keep my cryptocurrency safe? Taylor goes into the steps you take to make sure your crypto is safe and secure, all while maintaining control over your own wallet and funds.

The prices of tokens has soared lately, and I want to add some extra security. What are my options?

It’s great that you’re thinking about the future and how you can protect your cryptocurrency. The first thing to know is that there are varying levels of security with tradeoffs in terms of convenience. Many people use a hosted service, such as Coinbase, however these are custodial services where you don’t actually control the coins. If your account is shutdown for any reason, you have no actionable recourse outside the court system. That’s why blockchain enthusiasts prefer to control their own coins.

Jaxx Software Wallet Demo

jaxx logoBy the end of this video, you’ll know what Jaxx wallet is, its features, how to get it and how to set up your own wallet! See below for our written overview of it’s features and compatibilities that matches what is covered in our video demo.

Overview of features

What is the Jaxx Wallet?  Jaxx wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that you can use through a browser, a mobile phone, or your desktop.

What type of wallet is it? Jaxx wallet is a software wallet. It is a hot wallet, and can be used on a mobile device, desktop, or internet browser.

Where do I obtain a wallet? You can obtain a wallet directly -from (desktop and web wallet version- or from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (mobile). (See below for a list of desktop devices and web wallet browsers that you can use Jaxx on)

Shapeshift exchange logo

How do I transfer currencies? With Jaxx wallet, you can transfer currencies using a digital exchange called Shapeshift. You can also use QR codes for sending/receiving tokens. (See below for a list of currencies that Jaxx is compatible with)

What are the security features? A 12 word passphrase/Nmemonic phrase

How do set up the infrastructure? Watch our video walk through demonstration, from step one download, to security setup, to launching your wallet.

How does the Jaxx Wallet work? It operates as a lite client node. (see our blockchain glossary and software wallets overview page if you do not know what this means)

What are the weak points? There are occasionally slightly delayed updates. A solution is to clear your cache as often as possible.

Why choose Jaxx Wallet over competitors? (Via Coinomi)

  • Currency Conversion
  • Compatibility
  • Displays your Private Key
  • Controlled transaction speed
  • Easy UI


What devices is Jaxx compatible with?

  • Desktop & Web: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Chrome App Extension

What are the compatible currencies?

To read more about wallets (software, hardware, or general), check out the links to those pages. If you liked the idea of Jaxx, here is there website!

We hope this review helped demonstrate the process of setting up a wallet on Jaxx and assists you in your inquisition of cryptocurrencies! Let us know what you think, or any questions you still have in the comments below our YouTube video or on Facebook or Twitter!

Check out our MyEtherWallet demo for another cryptocurrency wallet that might tickle your facny!

ICO or NO? Episode 7 KICKICO

Who has the hottest ICO? In this episode of ICO or NO, Jeremy talks about KICKICO, debuting August 29th.

Jeremy goes over how KICKICO plans to challenge the existing crowdfunding and ICO models.

* Monkey Capital Update *

Let us know what your take on KICKICO — is it a worthy project or not? Leave a comment on our social media pages!


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Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 4

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 4

From the Land Down Under

A relatively obscure Australian computer programmer made headlines back in 2016 when he stated on his blog that he and a deceased computer analyst named David Kleiman were, in fact, the men behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym.

Born in Brisbane, Australia the 46-year- old known as Craig Steven Wright attended Charles Sturt University where we claimed to have studied economics and financial modeling on his way to earning a Ph.D. in computer science. This would be just the sort of background one might expect from the founder of the famed cryptocurrency.

MyEtherWallet (MEW) Demo

In this video, we’ll be going over all the features offered by MyEtherWallet. MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a web interface that generates wallets for storing your cryptocurrency. It is compatible with multiple wallet types (see below), and is a web based system that allows you to create a wallet and send your crypto to it. This wallet is for Ether and ERC20 tokens (read more about ERC20 here and here).

MEW is not an online wallet/web wallet. It is an interface to create wallets… They do not store your keys, and as their site says:

“You are responsible for your security.”