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Finding Satoshi Bitcoin gold

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 5


No one knows who created Bitcoin. Some think it may be computer scientist, Nick Szabo, who also created a system called bit gold, which parallels Bitcoin very much. Is it evidence that Szabo could be the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto? Or just coincidental? Explore the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, here!

Cryptocurrency Maecenas ICO

ICO or NO? Episode 8 Maecenas


In this episode of ICO or NO, Jeremy talks about Maecenas ICO, starting September 7th. How will Maecenas plan to challenge the existing art dealers by using blockchain technology to provide access to fine art?

Software Jaxx wallet review

Jaxx Software Wallet Demo


Jaxx is a software wallet for cryptocurrencies. Our video demos and explains Jaxx wallet is, its features, how to get it and how to set up your own wallet! If you need a secure and accessible place for your crypto, Jaxx wallet might be for you!

ICO or NO Kickcoin ICO

ICO or NO? Episode 7 KICK ICO


Who has the hottest ICO? In this episode of ICO or NO, Jeremy talks about KICK ICO, debuting August 29th. Jeremy goes over how KICK ICO plans to challenge the existing crowdfunding and ICO models.

Finding Satoshi who created bitcoin

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 4


The mystery behind the creator of Bitcoin (the first blockchain technology) is quite a difficult one to solve. There have been many ideas about who Satoshi Nakamoto could be, but none have completely determined the answer to the mystery. Craig Wright is a man that claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Part 4 – From the Land Down Under explores this possibility!


ICO or NO? Ep. 6 Wolk


In this episode of ICO or No, Jeremy covers Wolk. Wolk aims to be a blockchain-based, advertising data exchange, powered by the WOLK token, built on the Ethereum Network.

Wallets My Ether Wallet Review

MyEtherWallet (MEW) Demo


MyEtherWallet is a web interface that allows you to generate wallets for your Ether & ERC20 tokens. Check out our demo & review to make sure you are being safe with your cryptocurrencies! It is of the uptmost importance.

Blockchains & Airplanes nick fierro

Blockchains & Airplanes – Ep 002


Come fly along with Taylor Gerring and Nick Fierro as they talk about all things blockchains, cryptocurrency, and decentralization! In Episode 2 of Blockchains & Airplanes, Taylor and Nick discuss the future of upcoming blockchain projects and how they will impact technology (and our daily lives) as they fly around Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Finding Satoshi dorian nakamoto

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 3


People are still trying to determine who created Bitcoin, the first blockchain and cryptocurrency. These has been a lot of speculation and investigation into this mysterious creator (or creators)…

Some think Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto could be the guy. He is a libertarian computer engineer, who shares the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Read Part 3: The Other Nakamoto to continue investigating who created this remarkable technology!

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