ICO or No – What is an ICO?

Keep hearing about ICOs and not sure what they are or how to participate? Jeremy provides some answers to your questions in the first video in our new series ICO or NO – What is an ICO?

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Crypto Hunks

Crypto Hunks

Crypto Kings: 5 Hunks That Absolutely Love Blockchain Technology


The men associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology make up quite an eclectic group. There are crypto hunks from various industries who have devoted their time and energy to help spread the word and make decentralized currency a bigger part of our day-to-day lives.

Businessman, actors, and even professional athletes are just a few of the occupations held by some of crytocurrency’s most influential guys. In many cases, these gentlemen are not only influential, but also quite popular with the ladies. These men proudly support cryptocurrency and look good doing it; so without further ado, here are 5 hunks who love blockchain technology!

Tales from a Trader: Part 3

Tales from a Trader: Part 3

The Terrible Week

As I had mentioned before, this was indeed the Digital Wild Wild West, and I had just fell victim to my first scam! On top of that, I accidentally locked away 46 ether tokens in an account I couldn’t remember the password to… all within 7 days!!! If I had hair, I surely would’ve pulled it out. Let me go back and explain.

Everything was going well with work, a little frustrating and challenging at times, but it was a good frustration. While work was going well, I was getting a little too lax and confident once it came to trading crypto amongst myself. And just like clockwork, there was the universe letting me know it’s still there! Not only did I make one rookie mistake…but two!

Cryptocurrency: A Perfect Solution For Intergalactic Trade

Cryptocurrency: A Perfect Solution For Intergalactic Trade

A History of Trade & Possibilities for Intergalactic Trade

Since the discovery of outer space, mankind has seemingly been fascinated by the possibility of other intelligent life forms living outside the boundaries of planet Earth.

Countless films reflect the ideas of this very subject. However, many of these films center around these newly discovered life forms attempting to wipe out the human race.

Yet if we look at our own species history, we find that exploration of any kind usually centers around trade. For example, Christopher Columbus is best known for discovering the New World, but he was actually looking for a trade route from Europe to Asia. Assuming our potential new friends from another galaxy are like-minded in that they will likely be looking to do a bit of wheeling and dealing with us Earth folk.