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Crypto Hunks


There are some big-name male celebrities who are in support of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Check out five crypto hunks we’ve found!

Tales from a Trader Tales from a Trader part 3

Tales from a Trader: Part 3


Crypto trading is indeed the Digital Wild Wild West, and Jordan had fallen victim to his first scam! On top of that, he accidentally locked away 46 ether tokens in an account he couldn’t remember the password! He was definitely experiencing some frustration and having a rough week. It forced him to analyze his situation and learn some lessons about crypto trading that he shares with you in Part 3 of Tales of a Trader.

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Ode To Ethereum: A Poetic Introduction


Experience the wonder of Ethereum and it’s history through poetic beauty! Poetry can help us to express many-a-thing, even blockchain technology!

So, here is Ode To Ethereum: A Poetic Introduction, for your creative, rhyming side!

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Cryptocurrency: A Perfect Solution For Intergalactic Trade


Since the discovery of outer space, mankind has seemingly been fascinated by the possibility of other intelligent life forms living outside the boundaries of planet Earth. Our current economic systems might prevent Earthlings from trading with other galactic species. With a lack of consistent currencies across the globe and other boundaries, we lack an opportunity to welcome trade from other planets! Crypto could solve this problem quite simply.