Lockheed Martin’s Undertaking of Blockchain Cybersecurity


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Cybersecurity Upgrades Lie In Blockchain

Blockchain has a plethora of benefits in the world of cybersecurity. Thanks to the use a peer-to-peer network (P2P), information is inherently more secure than on a centralized network. To give you a quick idea, a centralized network is a platform in which all information passes through a single point. A decentralized or P2P network requires data to pass through multiple points. So, a centralized network can easily collect data because everything goes to one place.

Lockheed Martin has capitalized on the concept of decentralization to up their cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is specifically the security of information associated with networks, platforms or the Internet. The well-known security and aerospace company chose to implement blockchain, in order to address the real issues with centralized security. They’re the first US Defense contractor to make a move towards the execution and use of the technology. Lockheed Martin specifically paired with Guardtime Federal, the leading blockchain cybersecurity company in the industry.

Decentralization and Cybersecurity

A decentralized network sounds like an awesome way to mitigate security issues on its own, right? Well, there’s more! Once a block has been created, it’s marked with a timestamp in such a way that you pretty much can’t go back and change it retroactively. So what does that really mean? (If you want more in-depth information about blockchains, click here.) Well, specifically for Lockheed Martin, it means they can manage Goliath-sized amounts of data in an extremely secure environment. Because they are a contractor for the Department of Defense, they have billions of terabytes full of information. Blockchain is perfect because the encryption associated with a P2P network is head-and-shoulders ahead of what a centralized network can offer.

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