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Nonprofit Corrupt Charities

Blockchain Could Be the End of Corrupt Charities


Several individuals want to make the world a better place by donating to their charity of choice, but many are left with the unsettling question of how their money is actually being spent. Corruption is prevalent amongst charities.

Blockchain technology could offer reduction in transaction costs, increased transparency, and overall a raise trust in the legitimacy of charities. Read how blockchains can help accomplish this here!

Nonprofit UN blockchain

UN Turns to Blockchain to Feed the Hungry


Despite the fact that the world produces enough food to feed the entire population, millions of people still go hungry. The United Nations (UN) is looking to address this extreme inequality, by implementing the use of blockchain.

See how blockchains can help the UN address these problems by reading this article!

Government bitcoin

Belgian Minister of Justice Tries to Crack Down on Bitcoin


The Belgian Government is just one of a few that have not welcomed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their countries. The Belgian Minister tried to totally shut down and collect all crypto circulating.

Although, it is very hard for any government to actually do that. Read about the battle between crypto and governments here.

Decentralized Storage blockchain security

Decentralized Storage Is Essential to Data Security


A massive gap in security exists when storing data on centralized platforms. Decentralized storage can alleviate many issues of data security that current systems have. By storing data in a decentralized network, you can prevent problems and hacking of your personal data. Read more about it here!