Canadian Blockchain Technology Is About to Be Lit

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Canada to Move Towards Massive Blockchain Undertaking

Canada is next in line to participate in the blockchain revolution. The country has latched on to the true benefits of the technology. Massive, untapped blockchain technology potential can affect (and help!) our everyday lives!

The vast, expansive nation is set to hold a conference in June, in order to discuss the potential impact blockchain may make on the country, and government. The attendees plan to discuss everything from personal identity, to data security, and tokens. Canadians realize the true capacity of blockchain technology.

Canada’s Great, But Why Them?

Why Canada, though? It seems that many Asian countries are most on-board and down with the technology. Well, that’s a wonderful question. In fact, the article below does a fantastic job of shedding some light! Straight from Bitcoin Magazine,

  1. Robust access to high-speed internet;
  2. High levels of education, both general and technical;
  3. High standards of living;
  4. A permissive government and regulatory environment in the country.

And there you have it! It is pretty darn straightforward. Success in the blockchain realm requires understanding, especially by wealthy, first-world countries. Since they already have so many of these things in place, it’s easy to see why they would step into the game known as blockchain technology.

To Sum It Up

A core group of 160 individuals will meet in Ottawa to discuss blockchain technology and its benefits to Canada and the government. During a two-day seminar, their goal is to outline a plan for the best way to implement the new technology. So, if you’re interested in getting way more information (and you should because this article rocks!), click the link below to learn more about implementation of blockchain technology by a government!