Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet Review

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet Review

Ledger Nano S Review

If you’ve considered a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, then you’ve probably already come across the Ledger Nano S. And for good reason! The Nano S is the result of success of the original Ledger Nano. A screen and pair of buttons helps the user enter information on the device directly. But perhaps the most sought-after aspect of the Ledger Nano S is its multiple token support and attractive price. It is only $69 USD (about 58 euros) to top competitor Trezor’s $117 USD (about 99 euros).

Multiple token support

Ledger app management softwareIn the beginning, hardware wallets were primarily designed solely for use with Bitcoin. Even as alternative cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin started popping up, no hardware wallets were made to support this. Part of the problem is differing cryptographic algorithms. Ledger decided to solve with this with Ledger Blue and Ledger Nano S devices, which support apps. That’s right, the app model is now prevalent on our security devices!

Tales from a Trader: Part 1

Tales from a Trader: Part 1

Cryptocurrency Trader/Holder

If you are reading this, then you have stumbled across a goldmine of information about blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. (If you’re interested in more information, head over to our crypto page!) In this series, I will tell my personal story–my cryptocurrency trading adventure–of how I went down the crypto rabbit hole and have no plans to look back!  

***This is NOT meant to be financial advice, just my story***

I’m currently sitting here running an Ethereum node on my Mac. There is more than $8,000 accessible in one account, with another $8,000 locked away in an account to which I no longer have access (talk about scream-worthy!). Additionally, I have $4,000 in alt coins on my mobile light client–plus, an ounce of gold. After a year-and-a-half, I’ve come a long way and had a helluva time. Back in January 2016, I had a tablet and mobile, but no laptop. But, by the time February 2016 rolled around, I took $600 dollars, made a plan, and I got a new laptop. My crypto knowledge has truly allowed me to successfully play the (crypto) game!  

Toyota’s Blockchain Undertaking

Toyota’s Blockchain Undertaking

Automotive Companies Understand Potential of Blockchain

Remember a few weeks ago when we discussed how blockchain could truly impact self-driving cars? (Read about it here, if you didn’t get a chance to check it out!) Well, here’s a real-life example of it! Toyota has actually started implementing the technology in their autonomous vehicles, in two distinct ways.

First, it will help with data collection. In order to ensure safety with self-driving cars, a distributed ledger is ideal because millions of miles of data are required. Pooling of data  could then be used to shorten the time it takes to reach the goal of mass-produced, self-driving cars.

Second, it collects data for individual drivers, and actually gives them access to their information. From there, they’d have the choice of sharing their data with insurance companies, or keeping it to themselves. Blockchain gives back the power to the individuals.

Blockchain & IoT: What does the future of cloud look like?

Is blockchain the right solution for IoT?

Following up from a talk at IoT Summit in Boston, Taylor Gerring gives an interview to Sravani Bhattacharjee about Blockchain and IoT. They discuss future of the cloud looks like and how we can scale to 20 billion devices with machine-to-machine payments.

Interested in learning more about how the blockchain could impact the internet of things? Then this interview is for you!

For more information and articles on IoT and an Internet of Value, see our page here!

Impacts of Globalization & Immigration

Impacts of Globalization & Immigration

Influence of Banks on Globalization

Increasing globalization constantly tests our current financial systems. Previous importance placed upon traditional sovereign boundaries has given way to a borderless financial world; one where capital moves freely between citizens of multiple countries.

Globalization has brought about significant immigration of disparate populations. This created demand which has fueled the wire money transfer business for years. Citizens from developing economies move abroad and continually want to send money back home, in hopes of a better life for their families. Multimillion dollar business deals are being finalized between multinational corporations based in different countries. Thus,  creation of a reliable internet marketplace has opened up trade between people residing in opposite ends of the world. All of these scenarios are examples of the borderless financial world we’ve built.

Automotive Industry Welcomes Blockchain

Automotive Industry Welcomes Blockchain

For years, the automotive industry has been stuck in place. Long after you’d expect new innovations to be implemented in the industry, do they finally make it to the big stage. Researchers have conducted studies for decades surrounding cleaner fuel, moving towards the use of renewable energy resources. Even in 2017, owning and driving a renewable energy car is expensive and cumbersome.

E-85 fuel made a big splash when it entered onto the scene. It seems that we could naturally make our cars go, without drilling and causing further damage to the planet. Instead, cars are manufactured in such a way that it doesn’t matter if you use E-85 or not. So, most people choose to go with regular gasoline–something they already know.

Newer technologies, however, have emerged that have propelled the auto industry into modernization. Smart cars are starting to make it onto the road, and with them comes a lot of new technology.

The Energy Sector: A Quick Look

The Energy Sector: A Quick Look

The Next Big Energy Revolution

The green revolution has finally arrived at the energy sector. While many industries have moved towards more environmentally-friendly policies, the energy sector has seemingly been slow to the party. Now, though, experts agree we are just entering into a new age of energy management.

Over the years, we have dabbled in many types of energy, including “dirty” ones like coal and fossil fuels. With the advent of other cleaner energies, such as wind and solar, technology has struggled to keep up with management of power supplies. For years, centralized power companies brokered the price of energy on a given grid, ultimately setting the prices as they see fit. As a result, the traditional providers of power have lined their pockets at the expense of the consumer.

Where Can I Buy Cryptocurrency?

So you’re interested in purchasing cryptocurrency? Well, do you know how or where to buy cryptocurrency?

After watching this video consider thinking about what you can do with your crypto! Instead of letting it sit, grow and then saving it in a portfolio, you have the option of spending it too! Overstock.com and other large retailers accept Bitcoin, but many smaller ones you may not have heard of also accept it.

So, once you’ve purchase cryptocurrency, read our follow up article about where you can use it! It may also be a good idea to check out our video about securely storing your crypto! Without further ado, watch this amazing video about where to buy cryptocurrency!

 If you would like to read about purchasing cryptocurrency as well, feel free to explore more of Blockchain WTF’s site, and take a look at this page!